Friday, February 6, 2009

This is not a clever title... deal with it.

Quick introduction for those uninitiated:

I'm Reuben, a 22 year old financially insecure master's student with no job and increasingly less time to get one. I am at the Screen Academy located in the WAAPA building at ECU (which is in Western Australia, for those potential OS stalkers), and specialise in sound.
Not only sound, but music is my thing, in every possible aspect.

As for a blog, here goes...

So the government aren't paying me anymore because I'm doing a master's. I found this out about 2 weeks before I started the course.

Big deal? Yes. I have a large study load due to the shortened form of the course, therefore I need daylight hours during the week for class. I also need weekends and most nights free for homework, any film shoots, and gigs. Therefore, I am a job-seeker who is pretty undesirable on the grounds of inflexibility and only being able to work nights.

That's about all I have for starters.